Chameleon Beverage Company Inc
Recycle Flyer

Chameleon Beverage Co. is proud to announce a "breakthrough" in the custom labeled bottled water category. Effective immediately, we are introducing our new line of environmentally friendly Regenerate™ 100% RPET (recycled PET) water bottles. These bottles are made entirely from recycled beverage containers and have a 65% smaller carbon footprint than traditional PET plastic bottles.

Regenerate™ bottles represent a huge step forward in the global effort to protect the environment. Approved by the FDA for direct food contact RPET is completely safe and can be recycled like traditional plastic bottles.

Currently, only about 33% of all plastic beverage containers in the U.S. are recycled. Most of these containers are made from PET, which is the clear plastic polymer used in package and container manufacturing. In an effort to lessen our impact on the environment, we are committed to finding ways to improve our products and position ourselves as an industry leader.

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