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Description Code Code Description
Patriotic SL-1 SL-6 Golf
Clouds SL-2 SL-10 Pale Blue Water
Water drops SL-3 SL-11 Bright Blue Water
Gradient SL-4 SL-12 Mountains
Mountain Lakes SL-5 SL-13 Island Palms
Description Code Code Description
Atlanta SKY-1 SKY-8 Miami
Atlanta Dusk SKY-2 SKY-9 Minneapolis
Chicago SKY-3 SKY-10 New York
Cincinnati SKY-4 SKY-11 San Francisco
Golden Gate SKY-5 SKY-12 San Diego
Los Angeles SKY-6 SKY-13 Seattle
St. Louis SKY-7 SKY-14 Liberty NY
Description Code Code Description
Baseball SP-1 SP-4 US Football
Basketball SP-2 SP-5 Soccer
Tennis SP-3 SP-6 Golf
Description Code Code Description
Party Stars MISC-1 MISC-8 Boat Water
Fireworks MISC-2 MISC-9 Cat
Party Horn MISC-3 MISC-10 Puppy
Red Oceans MISC-4 MISC-11 Abstract 1 Sun
Sun Clouds MISC-5 MISC-12 Abstract 2 Orb
Misty Coast MISC-6 MISC-13 Red Clouds
Above Clouds MISC-7